Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to submit my application?

We are open to receiving applications electronically on this website, or you may bring your resume/CV in during our normal working hours. Riverside Dental Ceramics does not accept unsolicited inquires from recruitment agencies on behalf of job candidates.

Will my application be treated confidentially?

Yes, we will treat your application with full respect and confidentiality. Initially, one of our recruiters will review your application/CV. If your application/CV is considered for an interview, then the hiring manager for the position will confidentially review your application/CV. If you are not hired for this particular job, your application will remain a part of our recruiting database. If you are selected for a particular job, then your application and personal information will be retained as part of your employee file.

Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?

Yes, you may apply for more than one job at the same time.

Do you check references?

Yes, we may perform an extensive reference check at any point in the recruitment process.

How can I send my CV/resume to Riverside Dental Ceramics?

To maximize your chances of success, we would encourage you to submit your profile directly to an advertised open position. Start at Search Openings page, select the position of your interest, select Apply For This Position, fill out all required fields and scroll to the bottom of the application where you will be able to paste your cover letter and your CV/resume.

What is the typical assessment process?

Typically, your information will be made available to our recruiting professionals. They will compare your skills and experience with the requirements of the position for which you have applied as well as any other open position. You will be contacted if you are selected for consideration. Your information will be maintained in our recruiting database for future consideration as well.

How can I prepare for my interview with Riverside Dental Ceramics?

You should bring your resume/CV with the correct dates of your previous employment and contact information for your professional references. In addition to your professional work experience, you may list other work in the employment section of your resume, such as freelance work, consulting or volunteering.