Case Preparation For Shipment

When preparing your case for shipment, we recommend you follow the guidelines below:

Wet Impressions

Place dried impressions and bites in a plastic bag to avoid damage and for infection control. Wrap impressions in a moist paper towel to ensure it retains moisture. Do not place prescription inside plastic bag.

Photos and Slides

RDC suggests that photos, slides, CDs or other materials be enclosed in a separate plastic bag to secure contents.


Please ship articulator in plastic container provided by the manufacturer. If you do not own a container, please contact Customer Service to have our articulator box shipped to you.

Packing Box

Place all prepared items in a new or recycled RDC box. If you should choose to use a recycled box, please make sure to tear off old labels. Be sure to tightly pack foam or other packing material around case(s) to avoid damage. Combine multiple cases in one box to save money through our "Inbound Bundling" program.

If you have a question or comment regarding how to package or ship your case, please call Riverside Dental Ceramics at 800‑321‑9943.

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